[TRLog] Alt-D bug -- I found it

Tree N6TR tree@kkn.net
Sun, 11 Nov 2001 18:53:17 -0800

> Didn't turn out to be as hard as I thought.  I usually use TR with ESCAPE
> EXITS S&P = FALSE, because when I use [ESC] to erase a callsign while
> S&Ping, I often hit too many and inadvertently jump back into CQ mode.
> However, with this in the config file, the [ESC] function no longer works
> as intended in returning from S&P mode on the second radio to CQ mode on
> the first.  Presumably, Tree reused a bit of code for that, which is turned
> off when EES&P=False.
> Tree, any possibility of getting this incompatibility resolved, so that I
> can continue to use EES&P=FALSE in 2 radio mode?

Well, technically, the QSO that is started on the second radio is a S&P QSO
and is handled by the SearchAndPounce section of the code.  When EES&P is
set to FALSE, this function will not exit with the ESCAPE key.  You could
abort the QSO with SHIFT-TAB I believe.

I could write an exception to escape the S&P routine with ESCAPE, if you are
starting a two radio mode S&P QSO.  This is a bit of a hack and could have 
some unintended consequences, but none that I can see right off.


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