[TRLog] SO2R and ICOM radios

Larry Menzel retire@rconnect.com
Wed, 21 Nov 2001 18:29:40 -0600


OK.  I'm running SBDVP with the Array Solutions SO2R Master.  Wonderful.

All the recording and all keying circuits are working.  I'm going to 
document this for anyone who is
interested, but it's working great.  The SO2R box keys the audio on my 
FT1000D perfectly.  Nice solid
signal, clear and intelligible according to others listening.

HOWEVER:  the box won't drive my IC746.  My Heil headset, with the AD1-I 
works great either straight into
the radio or through the SO2R box.  But the DVP files won't transmit, even 
tho the Heil works great through the
SO2R box.

Anyone else have trouble making DVP files transmit on and ICOM 
radio???  These are the same format
as the K1EA DVP card, I believe.

Could sure use a bit of help here.


Larry, N0XB

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