[TRLog] Using edit funtion to add qso

Tree N6TR tree@kkn.net
Mon, 29 Oct 2001 08:49:59 -0800

> I operated in the cq ww contest this weekend. I didn't have my radio 
> interfaced with the computer, so I had to manually change bands. Needless to 
> say I forgot to do so on a couple of occasions (won't ever operate this way 
> again!). To make a long story short, I need to add a qso in the middle of the 
> contest. I thought I could use the edit function to do that but I only seem 
> to be able to edit existing qso's. Can I add a qso and have the editor 
> auto-renumber the remaining qso's?

I would just use a text editor and put it in manually.  Don't worry about
the QSO numbering.  This all gets stripped out when you convert it to
Cabrillo.  Just copy the QSO before the one you need to add and change
the call/zone and you are done.


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