[TRLog] TR & DVK

toni lindén oh2jte@luukku.com
Mon, 3 Sep 2001 13:48:59 +0300


Is it possible to get TR operating same way on SSB as it does on CW 
when using SO2R setup? 

I mean that on CW I can put CTRL-A command to message so CW goes 
to "inactive" radio put TR stays on "A-band" and after the message TX 
goes back to "active" radio.

On SSB when I have CTRL-A at the begging of message it goes OK 
to "inactive" radio, but if I have to TX on "active" radio and I push 
PTT, "inactive" radio starts transmitting. After I press ENTER or 
some function key TR send again command to radio relay port and 
everything´s OK. 

I think the problem is that TR doesn´t know when my SSB message 
ends, so it stays on "inactive" radio untill I transmit again 
to "active" radio something via keyboard. So is it possible to get TR 
working so that after CTRL-A message if I push my footswich (or after 
DVKs PTT drops OFF) it sends a command to radio relay port and SO2R 
knows to swich back to "active" radio with out pressing ENTER?

73 de Toni OH2JTE

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