[TRLog] TR & DVK

Tree N6TR tree@kkn.net
Mon, 3 Sep 2001 21:28:04 -0700

> Is it possible to get TR operating same way on SSB as it does on CW 
> when using SO2R setup? 
> I mean that on CW I can put CTRL-A command to message so CW goes 
> to "inactive" radio put TR stays on "A-band" and after the message TX 
> goes back to "active" radio.
> On SSB when I have CTRL-A at the begging of message it goes OK 
> to "inactive" radio, but if I have to TX on "active" radio and I push 
> PTT, "inactive" radio starts transmitting. After I press ENTER or 
> some function key TR send again command to radio relay port and 
> everything´s OK. 
> I think the problem is that TR doesn´t know when my SSB message 
> ends, so it stays on "inactive" radio untill I transmit again 
> to "active" radio something via keyboard.

That is probably exactly the problem.

I have used TR on SSB with two radios with the DVP.  It has the
ability to tell me when it is busy sending and when it is done.

The DVKs do not have that feature.

Currently, I don't know any way to work around this.


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