[TRLog] troubles with "reworking the contest"

Thomas R. Williams n2cu@magtrol.com
Tue, 18 Sep 2001 07:59:10 -0400


I have yet to get TR READ to do anything useful. In fact, when I tried re-working the
contest it totally screwed up my log. Fortunately I had a backup copy of the log

Anyway, just add "MULT BY MODE = FALSE" to your LOGCFG.DAT file. Delete the
RESTART.BIN file and start up TR again. It will sort out the extra multipliers and
score it correctly.

To create a summary sheet, change the contest statement in LOGCFG.DAT to "CONTEST =
FLORIDA QSO PARTY". Go to POST and select the option to create a summary sheet. Then
just use a text editor to change the title of the summary sheet from FQP to SR.

73 and God Bless America,
Tom N2CU <><

BenNW7DX@aol.com wrote:

> Hello -
>       I used TR for the Salmon run and discovered that it did the mults wrong, so I
> am trying to do the "read" feature, but can not seem to get it right.  My file name
> is SR01.dat and I typed in "TR READ SR01.dat" and everything pops up, and it starts
> redoing the contest, except it is just adding on to all of the previous qsos that
> are in the original log.  How can I have the contest rework from the begining, so
> it doesn't rework right ontop of the old qso's?
> Thanks,
> Ben - NW7DX

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