[TRLog] SO2R CW Hardware Configuration

Bob Lafont Bob Lafont" <bob@wa2mno.ampr.org
Wed, 26 Sep 2001 00:05:13 -0500

I apologize for these basic questions but I could use the expertise of this list to help me come up with the best approach 
in this confuguration.

This will be my first year using SO2R operation and I am looking at my options on how to configure and wire both 
stations. Both radios (FT1000 MkV and FT847) will need to be configured to allow a single PC for automated keying and 
manual keying using a single paddle for both radios. Is this possible and if so how did others configure the hardware? 
Also, I would like to know how others configured a single headset to be used with two radios? 


Bob / wa2mno

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