[TRLog] SO2R CW Hardware Configuration

kl7ra kl7ra@blizzard.gcgo.nasa.gov
Tue, 25 Sep 2001 21:40:48 -0800

Bob writes:

>This will be my first year using SO2R operation and I am looking 
>at my options on how to configure and wire both stations.

Hi Bob
Well, you bought the right software. TRLog is written to support SO2R
and does it very well. At one time we all built the SO2R box and it's
really nothing more then a few relays that switch keying and PTT from
radio A to B. TRLog controls the relay and uses the PC parallel port to
do this and provide the CW, PTT, Foot Switch and other features. Each
radio goes to a serial port for frequency control. Audio is usually just a 
toggle between All A, All B, or A/B. You can also use balance or , as I do, 
listen to B while A is Cqing, etc.

None of this matter anymore as you can get it packaged and ready to go
from several companies listed below, may be more by now. I have seen
both of these controllers at Dayton and they look very good. You might
consider printing the manual of each and compare them side by side.

Each came out this year so probably few opinions out there yet. 

http://www.arraysolutions.com/      SO2R master System

http://www.qth.com/topten/              TWO Radio Controller

73 Rich KL7RA

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