[TRLog] RSGB SSB Field day

Don g1gey@qsl.net
Wed, 7 Aug 2002 14:19:34 +0100

I am attempting to set up TR (6.70) for the upcoming RSGB ssb field day but
I am uncertain as to which contest to set in logcfg.dat

I have tried 'region one field day' and 'field day' but neither scores the
points as required.

the points are scored as follows

3. Scoring: For contacts with:
Fixed stations in IARU Region 1:          2 points
Stations outside IARU Region 1:          3 points
/P or /M stations in IARU Region 1:     5 points.

with multipliers

4. Multiplier: One for each DXCC Country worked on each band.

Does anyone have any ideas?

thanks in advance