[TRLog] An easy way to dual boot DOS/Win

Martin Kratoska Martin Kratoska" <marcom@centrum.cz
Sun, 11 Aug 2002 03:33:54 +0200

If you have already Windows installed and don't wish to destroy your
installation or any data, get Caldera DR-DOS 7.03 at:



and download the floppy images disk01.144 to disk05.144 (5 images) and the
mkdskzip.exe (for full version with Netware support) or ldisk01.144 to
ldisk03.144 (3 images) and the mkdskzip.exe (for light version without
Netware support). Fire up the mkdskzip.exe to obtain the installation
floppies. Now install the DR-DOS 7.03. You can directly boot from the first
floppy, if the installation does not begin fire up the install.exe from the
first installation floppy. DR-DOS should add a boot manager enabling to
start Windows  with F1 and DOS with F2. Your Windows installation remains

73 Martin, OK1RR
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