[TRLog] Minor QTC bug

Richard Ferch ve3iay@rac.ca
Sun, 11 Aug 2002 23:40:59 -0400

In the recent WAE CW, I discovered that TRLog can send invalid QTCs to
stations with certain kinds of callsign modifiers (some examples are /P, /M,
/A). It can send to such a station a QTC containing a QSO with the same
station, which is invalid according to the WAE rules.

What happens is this: TRLog removes the modifier from the callsign used to
label the QTC group, but it leaves the modifier on the callsign in the QSO.
This means it does not recognize the two callsigns as being the same, and
does not stop the QTC group at the QSO before the one with the same station
(as it normally does). On the other hand, modifiers like /1 and EA6/ (ones
which change the WPX prefix) are not removed, so this problem does not
happen with them.

Bottom line: if you sent a QTC group to a station with a /P, /M or /A
suffix, there is a chance that the QTC group might have contained a QSO with
that same station. A small chance to be sure, but wouldn't you know it, it
happened to me during the contest!