[TRLog] Minor QTC bug

Bob Wolbert, K6XX k6xx@arrl.net
Mon, 12 Aug 2002 13:39:08 -0700

Another WAE issue.

This weekend was my first-ever try at WAE, so I might be completely wrong
about this, but...

Why couldn't I see how many QTCs were sent to the station in the call window
in S&P mode? In CQ mode, I saw the number of QTCs previously sent to the
displayed station, but not in S&P mode. By switching to CQ mode and
reentering the call, the information was available (but this is rather
inconvenient, of course).

BTW, when tuning through a station's frequency in S&P mode with an
interfaced radio, at the instant the callsign disappeared from the call
window (at the +/- 200Hz point, for example), the QTC information flashed
on-screen for an instant--but too fast to really read it.

Perhaps this was a just a problem for me due to my inexperience with this
contest. Most other stations I listened to were waiting for 10 QTCs before
sending the group, but I accommodated most all requests immediately--my
average length was probably around 4 QTCs. (Here on the west coast, I had
plenty of time to listen to other's technique, hi. I welcome any strategy
suggestions for this unique contest.)

Heard K7RAT handing out numbers, so perhaps this problem has already been

Then there was the problem of not being able to send QTCs from the editable
window... caused me to hit Alt-U many, many times to help the deserving. Why
can't the last 5 QSOs be sent as QTCs? (Do I have to "promise" I won't
change the info after sending the QTC, hi?)

73 de Bob, K6XX