[TRLog] TR Mailing List Users

Tod Olson tao@skypoint.com
Mon, 12 Aug 2002 13:48:21 -0600

Gil said, "The easy and free answer is to move the list to yahoo groups.
that is a better site anyway as it has files and many other things to use.
The downside is you have to subscribe (FREE) and give some personal
information. "

I have a very deep seated aversion to providing anyone or any 'entity' with
personal information. Although I have nothing to hide (that I know of), I
find providing such information inevitably seems to generate many, many
unwanted proposals designed to separate me from what money I may have.

At the risk of being called a 'stick in the mud' I would prefer to support
Bill Fisher, W4AN, who I know, rather than "Yahoo" who I consider to be a
"dot com" ((( Sorry for the bad language on the reflector))) who is
faceless, nameless and doesn't even have a ham license!