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Gil Baron gbaron@charter.net
Mon, 12 Aug 2002 15:52:55 -0500

You do not have to get ANY SPAM from Yahoo. Just don't turn on (or turn off)
the marketing in your profile.
I belong to 15 Yahoo groups with no problems. They CAN handle the traffic.
You do NOT attach ANYTHIG to yoru emails if the administrator sets it that
way. All files go to a file area and it is up to the user to decide if it is
full of virus or not. ANYONE without such as Norton Antivirus email scanner
is deserving of anything they get. Virus protection is up to YOU and NOT to
list owners.

All of that said I have no problem with supporting these other lists but
they have come and gone and can again. I t is not a problem to contribute to
one but this can lead to a proliferation of groups and pretty soon you are
contributing to 10 different sites, not cheap. In fact I do contribute to a
few but it can easily grow to be a burned to some if more and more appear.

I thin for what Yahoo provides the price is VERY  low. If you don't want to
give personal data just spoof it, lie about it. If I want your data I can
get it anyhow so why worry.

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> Gil said, "The easy and free answer is to move the list to yahoo groups.
> that is a better site anyway as it has files and many other things to use.
> The downside is you have to subscribe (FREE) and give some personal
> information. "
> I have a very deep seated aversion to providing anyone or any
> 'entity' with
> personal information. Although I have nothing to hide (that I know of), I
> find providing such information inevitably seems to generate many, many
> unwanted proposals designed to separate me from what money I may have.
> At the risk of being called a 'stick in the mud' I would prefer to support
> Bill Fisher, W4AN, who I know, rather than "Yahoo" who I consider to be a
> "dot com" ((( Sorry for the bad language on the reflector))) who is
> faceless, nameless and doesn't even have a ham license!
> Tod, KOTO
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