[TRLog] TR Mailing List Users

Michael Gilmer n2mg@eham.net
Tue, 13 Aug 2002 20:00:46 -0400

I'm not sure you should be so certain that Yahoo is any better off
financially. They may be bigger, but after all, dot com companies have not
been all that solvent.  At least with contesting.com, we can be pretty sure
we are hearing the truth!  You can also bet that sooner or later Yahoo will
want to extract some money from/for their services (as is their right).

Mike N2MG

PS. I wouldn't call the pleas "desperate", rather more like "insistent". ;-)
PPS.  I'm done with the non-TR topic!

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> I see that the owner of this list has no intention of changing to yahoo.
> That is his decision and his right. I do not agree but that is up to him.
> I do say that all the talk about the difficulty with yahoo though is just
> that, talk.
> Yes there is no easy contact (they do have a tech support form and they do
> answer it) , there is no way to stop spammers ( not on another list either
> without manual intervention and you can do that on yahoo groups).
> So, it comes down to NIH and NOT HAM , well that is great if the sites
> survive but if the traffic gets to heavy they will not survive, especially
> if too many competing sites that are HAM come on line.
> None of these guys have anything close to the resources of YAHOO. I
> congratulate them and in some cases support with my contributions, but I
> have little hope for their long term survival, as is being proven by the
> desperate calls for support form qsl.net, eham.net and so on.
> I belong to 15 yahoo ham radio groups and 10 other groups and have no
> problems . They are fast and they are reliable SO FAR at least. :-)