[TRLog] TR in WAE

Jan Fisher jan.fisher@virgin.net
Sat, 17 Aug 2002 12:22:11 +0100

I have not seen any reports of problems using version 6.70 in WAE so I
thought I should bounce this off the reflector to see if anyone else has
had problems using the programme from the EU side in multi single
Whilst the new programme scores the call area multipliers ok we were not
able to check the status of mults needed if they were in one of the
multiple call area groups. This made things really hard going for our
mult stations as we had no live check on the call areas needed. We ended
up using paper mult check sheets.
Checking for normal country mults was ok though.
The post facility does not now support the new multiplier checking ..
Will this be updated before log submission deadline or is this a case of
using the tr-read facility to double check the mults.
Still desperately need the QTC list to be updated across the network to
enable the mult station to search for stations who are needed for QTCs.
We partly overcame this by exiting the programme and copying the files
across on floppy however this is not ideal.
Jan Fisher
CCTV Control Solutions www.essa.co.uk

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