[TRLog] Wintelnetx & TR

Gary J. Ferdinand W2CS@bellsouth.net
Wed, 27 Feb 2002 20:11:31 -0500

I did much of the work getting Wintelnetx and TR to talk with each other at
a multi/multi station nearby.  As I recall, it was very critical to have TR
and Wintelnetx both using the same set of serial port parameters.  What I
did was let TR default to its 2400/7/1/E and specified to Wintelnetx that
the TRport was to be initialized with those settings.  That also means that
you do **NOT** want to override the "eight bit packet port" setting in TR.
Leave it set to FALSE.

As for your outbounds not working, that is possibly a problem with the key
you have established to trigger an outbound spot.  Some keyboards do not
recognize the character that TR uses as the default (the lower case key to
the left of the number 1 on the main keybd).  You can see if this is the
problem with your kb by using "packet spot key = " and set it to something
you know works.

As for scrolling, I recall having this same problem.  The solution was
either to insert a carriage return using "packet auto CR" or to add a
linefeed using "packet add lf."  One or the other.  I'd try LF first.  When
you say scrolling, I'm assuming you're talking about the TR window contents
when you hit CTRL-B.

On balance I found that with suitable attention to detail TR and Wintelnetx
talk to each other beautifully.  I use the script capability of Wintelnetx
to log onto the packet cluster and handle all the responses such as password

Hope I've been of some help. 73.

Gary W2CS
Apex, NC

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> Hi Folks,
> With a few changes in station and schedule, I am now trying to
> get ready for
> the contest. I have a couple of issues with the packet window and the
> talking to the cluster. I am pretty sure it is a flow control or similar
> problem.
> My setup is TR on a dedicated PC with a null modem cable to a Windows PC
> running Wintelnetx configured to send packet spots to the com port. The
> telnet connection is local and no problems there...
> The packet login message and spots do not scroll properly. I also can not
> talk to the cluster. The program works fine with CT. Any ideas
> what is going
> on?
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