[TRLog] Re: State QSO Parties

Thomas R. Williams n2cu@magtrol.com
Thu, 07 Feb 2002 12:12:33 -0500

Here are all the 'M' counties from the MINNCTY.DOM file:

McLeod = MC
Marshall = MH, MAR
Meeker = MK, MEE
MilleLacs = ML, MIL
Mahnomen = MM, MAH
Martin = MN, MART
Morrison = MR, MOR
Murray = MU
Mower = MW, MOW

Just checked using Callsign/XXX for the Salmon Run and it works like it should.
Something is different with the MnQP because it worked with three letter counties the
past three years that I've participated. The exchange was changed this year to Name
and County from Serial Number and County.

Tom N2CU <><

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