[TRLog] state QSO parties

jim funk jfunk@adams.net
Fri, 8 Feb 2002 09:23:20 -0600

> I haven't found a *great* way to do this, but.....
> As  mobile (with computer sending/logging) I set up .cfg files ahead of
> for each county and county-line combo I was planning.  My  CQ messages
> set up to say, e.g.:
> The .cfg file was waba.cfg (Wabash County in this case).
> Floppy save was to waba.bak
> If I *called* another mobile, I typed them in as, e.g. K9LY/DUPA.  The
> computer didn't send the call at  all in this mode.  If they called *me*,
> was usually as "K9LY/M".  In order to have the program take it, set it to
> work dupes.  The county will be in the exchange field and you can edit it
> any way to want to later.
> The points don't show up (the "dupe" will be assigned zero points) but you
> can always edit that later.  In the Illinois QSO Party, the points are a
> anyhow.....
> When changing counties (this is the slick part...watch closely....):
> Alt-U
> Alt-F
> Alt-X
> Y
> TR
> (select next .cfg file)
> Enter to call CQ from the next county or county line.
> Well, it worked last year....
> 73, Jim N9JF

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