[TRLog] TRLog serial ports on laptops

Steve London Steve London" <n2ic@arrl.net
Sat, 9 Feb 2002 03:25:54 -0000

I am starting to prepare for WRTC-2002, and after years of using a venerable
486 desktop PC for my home station, I'm now venturing into the world of

My boss has very graciously offered to loan me 2 high-powered Toshiba
laptops from work, and now I am trying to get them configured in the least
invasive manner (while keeping them functional for work use).

They are loaded with Windows 2K - I know that won't fly with TRLog, so,
after first creating a FAT partition, I have them set up to boot from a DOS
6.22 floppy.  So far, so good...

Now...I need 2 serial ports in one of the laptops.  Naturally, they come
equipped with only 1 serial port.  They have a PCMCIA slot, but paying $150
for a PCMCIA serial port card seems pricey.  They also have 2 USB ports, but
I don't think I can drive USB ports from DOS, can I ?  So, what are people
doing to get extra serial ports from a laptop ?

Thanks and 73,
Steve, N2IC/0

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