[TRLog] SAVI Technologies 70 Cm Band Threat - A Call For Action

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Sat, 16 Feb 2002 15:25:50 -0600

16 FEB, 2002 - 1515 CST

To All Radio Amateurs:

I am sure many of you have been following, to one degree or another,
the progress of SAVI Technologies, Inc. proposal to the FCC that it
be allowed to develop and market a family of Part 15 devices designed
to operate on the amateur 70 CM band.  There are numerous problems
with this proposal, but the Federal Communications Commission appears
to favor SAVI's proposal.  It has now been given a Rule-Making number
(RM-10051) and the deadline for Reply Comments (the final round before
the Commission issues a ruling) is March 1, 2002.

It is rumored the Defense Department (primary user of this spectrum)
is going to file reply comments opposing SAVI's proposal.  However,
there is a lot of money and potential profit at stake and the Commission
appears to be VERY business-oriented.  Therefore even if other branches
of our federal government do officially oppose SAVI, the outcome could
still go against the licensed users of this spectrum segment.

Time is very short and the delays due to anthrax screening of the U.S.
mail going to all branches of the federal government render this mode
of communication unuseable.  Email with or without attached files, fax,
and FCC E-file documents are the only way to communicate our opposition.

This is a political process.  It is imperative that you also send
electronic messages (CC your FCC email and faxes) to your elected
federal representatives - to both their local and Washington, DC email
addresses.  If 10,000 or more hams respond to this call, the SAVI
proposal will become a hot political potato - hopefully one that is so
hot the Commission drops it.

The ARRL has made four excellent filings in opposition to SAVI every
step of the way.  These filings and introductory text are now posted
on the NFCC website at:  www.arrl.org/nfcc  You will also find links
there that will take you to the FCC E-file web page.  Please take
the time to download and read these documents before you write your
messages.  Your Reply Comments must be factual and non-abusive, but
VERY firm in your oppostition.

I urge you to spread the word among all of your ham friends and non-
ham friends who are friendly to Amateur Radio.  NOW IS THE TIME FOR
ACTION!  Let's use the Internet to defend our radio service...

73 - Dick Isely, W9GIG
       NFCC Secretary

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