[TRLog] TR Log Wish List

RPClifton@aol.com RPClifton@aol.com
Mon, 18 Feb 2002 10:30:39 EST

Tree - Congrats again on a super program.  Just finished a single-op assisted 
in the ARRL CW DX contest and can't say enough about how TR Log contributed 
to the results - particularly the bandmap and the ability to use it to 
communicate with the radio.  It's a dream S&P machine.

While the contest is fresh in my mind, I wanted to note three wish list 

1.  BandMap Management - Deleting Spots

If I'm in the bandmap and am using NEXTBANDMAP to go from spot to spot, I 
don't think I can delete a selected spot without recreating the cursor 
(CTRL-END), moving it to the spot, and then deleting it.  Is there a 
currently assigned key, or could a key be programmed, to delete a selected  
spot after selecting it with NEXTBANDMAP?  

2.  BandMap - Split Frequencies

If the BandMap contains a spot with split frequencies, it splits my FT-1000MP 
OK, but when I select the next "non-split" spot with NEXTBANDMAP it does not 
"unsplit" the radio.  In the heat of the contest it's sometimes easy to 
forget to manually remove the split.  If this could be fixed, that would be 
great.  Also, I haven't checked recently, but a while back the split 
frequencies were not being set properly on my rig.  Perhaps this has been 
fixed.  I didn't work any split operation from the bandmap this weekend so am 
not sure about the status of this problem, which I reported to you a while 
3.  CW Speed Increments

I know this has already been discussed to death and you have promised a 
solution, but I again want to note the importance, in my mind, of being able 
to program the CW speed increment implemented by the Page UP/DOWN keys.  I 
know many don't see a need for this, probably because they are great CW ops 
that can run at 40 WPM, but for someone like myself who is working at his 
limits around 25 to 30 WPM, sometimes even a 1 WPM change can make a 

Thanks again for a wonderful contest tool.

73, Bob - W3YY

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