[TRLog] Logikey K-3 & TR-Log

Tree N6TR tree@kkn.net
Tue, 19 Feb 2002 12:27:47 -0800

> The only thing I have been missing in TRLOG is the Automatic 
> Character Spacing (ACS) which is a feature in K3. Using ACS
> allows you to have perfect character spacing. The trick is to
> push the paddles a little to early when starting a new character.
> The ACS function will then delay your early push in order to
> have a perfect space.
> I assume that, a feature like ACS is way down in top-ten
> of the TRLOG wish-list.

Not sure it would make it onto the wish list.  Personally, I 
really object to features like this that that get in the way
of what I want to do.  


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