[TRLog] TR Log Wish List - Reply to K2ONP - Ctrl-U Function

David W Wood David W Wood<g3yxx@guildford-physio.demon.co.uk>
Tue, 19 Feb 2002 23:03:14 +0000

Well, regarding the screen issue.

If you are looking at the screen then you are wasting band time.

Why not learn Braille and put the output under the paddles (after all,
CW contests are supreme!!!!!!) and turn off the VDU and get rid of the
major source of birdies and other RFI.

I find it works fine for me!

I think you wrote  below <12c.cbfb5ec.29a42969@aol.com>, K2ONP@aol.com
>In a message dated 2/19/02 11:37:49 AM Eastern Standard Time, 
>RPClifton@aol.com writes:
> Geo -
> Regarding the 50-line mode, here are my thoughts:
> Yes, I think a larger monitor is the only solution to the problem you 
>mention.  Also, I think a traditional CRT works better with DOS than the new 
>flat-panel LCD screens. My experience is that CRT's always use the whole 
>screen for DOS displays, but LCD's often shrink the display or display it 
>full screen with poor resolution.
>  >>
>I appreciate your thoughts.  Also, I was considering an LCD display also for 
>space considerations and appreciate your comments on their limitations. 
>The real issue is for TR to effectively utilize packet spots.  Unfortunately, 
>the BANDPLAN is the only really effective way you can pull up packet spots 
>within TR, but for me with my vision, it is almost unuseable in VGA mode with 
>a small screen.
>I tried to use the CTRL-U function as a substitute, but since it doesn't 
>allow you to sort the spots (i.e., MULTS THIS BAND, MULTS ALL BAND, QSO'S 
>THIS BAND, QSO'S ALL BANDS),  its not very useful.  Also, its capacity for 
>storing spots is very limited, and it would be better if it had scrolling 
>capability.  If improved,  the CTRL-U function could provide many of the 
>packet spot advantages that you get with BANDPLAN, but would work in standard 
>DOS mode.
>I guess you can also put this on my TR xmas wish list!
>Thanks for the bandwidth,
>Geo K2ONP
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David W Wood

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