[TRLog] WISH LIST - save bandmap data

Dale L Martin kg5u@hal-pc.org
Wed, 20 Feb 2002 00:27:58 -0600


Hi, Ron

I do miss not hearing ku7y

How about this:

Before that unworked mult disappears from the band map, a window appears
over the callsign box (if you are in S&P mode or you are just calling CQ)
reminding you very clearly that (1) you had still not worked it yet, and (2)
if you don't do something about it in the next minute or two, it's going to
go away.

There were a bunch of times when I was on a band that I looked down and
found mults I had had to pass up because of poor conditions or unruly
pileups or not-quite-with-it-operator were now gone...forever...it was very
disconcerting.  Obviously, I need to look down more often.  But if something
would come up in my field of view to remind me that that mult was going to
go away if I didn't try to work it again, that would at least refresh it's
timer on the bandmap.

dale, kg5u

> Hi All,
> Here's something I've often thought about.....
> If the band map data was saved to a file every hour or so,
> then after the contest you could check to see if those
> missing sections were ever in your band map and adjust
> your operating practices to stop overlooking things!

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