[TRLog] Logikey K-3 & TR-Log

Jim Smith jimsmith@shaw.ca
Tue, 19 Feb 2002 23:01:41 -0800


To go from 36 wpm to 25 hit PgDn 3 times.  To go back to 36 hit
PgUp 3 times.  The default setting for these keys is a 3 wpm
increment.  It's very quick and easy.  

73 de Jim Smith	VE7FO

Larry Menzel wrote:
> One of the beautiful things about having my Logikeyer in parallel with TR is
> that you CAN have the keyer set for a slower
> speed.  I often find that while I'm comfortable at 36 wpm, may people who
> call me, especially later in a contest are not
> so handy with CW.  I find that I'm able to either fill them, or respond
> quickly, manually, with a slower cw speed than I can do ALT-S and
> punch in 25 <CR>.  And then I have to do it again to go back to 36.

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