[TRLog] What shall I do?

Lee Hiers lee@dixieliner.com
Wed, 20 Feb 2002 07:27:46 -0500

On 19 Feb 2002 at 19:16, Alan Kaul wrote:

> But, technically, you have violated the rules of the contest---you
> failed to copy accurately the message sent by the other station.   And
> if you do that, the contest checking software will penalize you.

Technically you have not violated the rules.  What I do in such a 
case is log W4/DX1DX so the score is properly calculated.  Enter a 
note that says something like "call sent DX1DX".  After all the POST 
stuff is done, I just change the call to DX1DX.  Simple...it goes 
lots faster than the description.

> Shouldn't contest rules require that a station call reflects its
> country?  

The rules probably do require that, but the law doesn't.  If they're 
casual participants, not sending in logs, penalizing them means 
squat.  The bottom line is that you don't want your score reduced, so 
you take care of it on your end.

73 de Lee
Lee Hiers, AA4GA
Cornelia, GA


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