[TRLog] MAC's and TRLog

Jimmy Weierich kg2au@stny.rr.com
Wed, 17 Jul 2002 12:56:47 -0400

VirtualPC includes DOS 7.0 - it's like booting directly to DOS under 
Windoze. In fact, a version is sold with DOS 7.0 only - no Windoze. 
And TRLog runs just fine, at least the last time I tried it, which 
was a couple of years ago.  On my 450 MHz G4, under VPC, most DOS 
programs run in emulation faster than on my 300 MHz PC!  I frequently 
run K6STI's AO and NECWires antenna modeling software on VPC. Windows 
speed is another subject though.

However, for several years Macs have been sold without traditional 
serial ports (ie, USB only) and have never had parallel ports.  There 
are inexpensive ($40) USB to serial adapters available but I have not 
tried them for rig interfacing.

You can have it both ways. Buy a new Mac for your primary system and 
a cheap used PC to dedicate to ham applications.


>The implications are that you would be VERY SAD. Emulation is GUARANTEED to
>be slow AND you do NOT have the same hardware so NO DOS program would work.
>It is windows only. SO since you are going to be using windows, why not
>stick with the cheap and available PC. If you want a Mac then get one but
>use it for MAC applications NOT DOS.
>I have tried these emulators, they are basically worthless.
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>>  All,
>>  Has anyone ever tried running TRLog on a Macintosh with some sort of PC
>>  emulation software such as Virtual PC. I am not a Mac expert, but
>>  a number
>>  of Mac Cult members at my place of employment are trying to
>>  convince me that
>>  only an idiot would buy another PC.
>>  Just wondering what the implications of that would be for my hobby :)
>>  Thanks,
>  > Joel N0KR

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