[TRLog] TRLog and Windows XP

Ronald Rossi kk1l@arrl.net
Sun, 21 Jul 2002 16:00:26 -0400

XP is verymuch like NT and 2000. The clock on TR under an NT command
window runs very slow. It is something in how microsoft gives clock
cycles to the window or emulate the timer ticks. Nothing I know how to
fix. Maybe someone know better though?

Brad Johnson wrote:
> I tried TRLog with my new Windows XP machine for the first time yesterday
> and ran into a few problems...
> I was unable to increase the size of the TRLog window by any normal means.
> The TRLog window would only reduce in size by dragging the borders, and
> clicking the maximize button just shifted the window the upper left hand
> corner of the screen.  XP allows you to emulate previous versions of Windows
> and reduce the resolution of some programs through
> Properties>Compatibility tab options, but TRLog did not respond to changes
> to any
> of these settings. I also attempted to modify the font and window size,
> without results.
> I was finally able to increase
> the TRlog window to full screen size by using options under the TR
> Properties > Screen tab, BUT I then noticed that the TRLog clock had slowed
> significantly. I thought that other applications might be causing the clock
> to slow so I made sure that TR was the only program running, but the clock
> was still slow...and by slow I mean approximately 1/2 speed.  Returning the
> TRLog window to "normal size" returned the clock to normal speed...go
> figure.
> Has anyone else experienced this or know of a way to adjust the size of the
> TRLog window on Windows XP? The program seems to be working fine, but as it
> is the TRLog window is fixed at approximately 30% of my viewable screen
> area. I would like to improve upon that if possible.
> Thank you and 73,
> Brad Johnson
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