[TRLog] Arghh. Halp. Need something entirely new from TR.

Gary Ferdinand W2CS W2CS@bellsouth.net
Sun, 2 Jun 2002 17:14:28 -0400


I think Guy has a point.  Not so much relying on spots to pick clear
frequencies, etc., but rather that it is entirely possible to THINK you're
working people when in fact they are working someone else - entirely due to
timing.  In Guy's example if his CQ and that of KW4M happen to end at the
same time, that string of JAs could conceivably be worked by both stations,
although on the JA end only KW4M would be in their logs.  The only way Guy
will ever know is if one or more of the JAs takes the time to send KW4M as
part of their transmission.

If Guy saw the KW4M spot appear on his run frequency, it would be a huge
cue, especially if immediately thereafter he finds he's working a string of
JA, that perhaps he's not the guy with the nice JA run.  TRLog could provide
yet another helpful assist.

I think Guy's idea has merit.   Don't overlay what would otherwise be going
into the bandmap by a CQ entry, but rather add a special character to denote
CQ frequency.  The current CQ+QSO# (or is it CQ+time) I view as totally
useless information, and I always wondered why you bothered to write the
code to put it there :-)


Gary W2CS

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> > After reviewing UBN's from the CQWW, I can see that bad spots are
> > costing me points after the contest is over, e.g. NIL's that the log
> > checker can't relate to the real station.
> >
> > For example...
> >
> > NY4A is calling CQ on 40 on 7017. Someone in JA land spots KW4M at
> > 7017.
> I don't know.  If a call is close to yours, then it won't count as
> a NIL for you.  I actually feel that having some noise on the spots
> is a good thing - makes people either have errors in their log, or
> make them take the time to hear the call right.  If JA1XYZ, JE2ABC,
> JA5QQQ and JA3DEF are claiming single operator, it is easy to busy
> them for using packet if a few instances like this occur.
> > If there was a spot showing me as KQ4A 7.017.3, I would see it and add
> > a lot of extra DE NY4A until it got corrected.
> Wow.
> All of this makes me feel even more that packet is poison.
> Tree
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