[TRLog] DOS Path Problem?

Tom Hammond NěSS n0ss@earthlink.net
Tue, 04 Jun 2002 12:09:17 -0500


At 07:55 PM 5/27/02, William Speedie wrote:
>Got TR Log installed, but when I try to run the program for the first time 
>in a new test directory, I get the DOS message "bad command or file 
>name".  I suspect this means that the addition of :\LOG to the path name 
>didn't get accomplished.  Am running Win98 (on a Toshiba laptop with a 75 
>MHz Pentium processor) and was amazed to find on checking that the old 
>autoexec.bat and config.sys files I was used to seeing under early 
>versions of DOS aren't being used any more.  At least, both of them now 
>have zero byte file sizes, leaving me to wonder how the thing ever boots 
>up...   I have Norton Utilities and PowerDesk 4.0 Pro installed, and maybe 
>they altered things beyond my recognition.
>Any ideas will be appreciated.

Do not try to start TRLOG from the C:\ prompt.

First, CREATE a subdirectory directly beneath the directory uou  now have 
TRLOG installed into. THis new CONTEST-SPECIFIC subdir will hold all 
transactions specific to the contest you are wishing to create.

So, for instance, for Field Day 2002, I'll create a subdir C:\TRLOG\FD2002.

Then, I'll do a   CD \TRLOG\FD2002   to get into that subdirectory.

Once there, I'll type   ..\TR   to start TRLOG from WITHIN the directory 
just below where the TRLOG software is being stored.  The "..\" tells DOS 
to go up one subdir level and to look for the next part of the commend 
("TR") and execute it if it finds it.

This should at least get you started.


Tom Hammond   N0SS