[TRLog] ARRL Field Day and DX

Bruce Ferry bferry@brightdsl.net
Wed, 05 Jun 2002 11:20:56 -0400

Region 2 DX isn't any different from other DX. The exchange is the same
no matter what region you are in. The only difference is that all region
2 stations can ENTER the contest.

I'm not willing to try a new release of TR on field day. We've been
burned (with CT) once before and it's not worth the risk. To this end, I
have a "solution" that seems to work:

	1. Add 'Dx = DX' to the .DOM file (I made a new one ARRLFD.DOM)
	2. Add each country as a domestic country (ADD DOMESTIC COUNTRY = xx)

I know number 2 is pretty extensive and I did check what impact is has
on available memory. It takes up about 7K of additional memory which
should not be a problem to most setups. I wrote a simple program to
build an INPUT CONFIG file so the actual field day CFG file is
relatively short. 

This technique seems to work OK except that DX is not forced on a DX
station. But then, there is no other checking either. I get operators
who log AB for Alabama. Fortunately it doesn't really matter at this
point but some day it might.

Ronald Rossi wrote:
> Just to clarify. What I meant was that I needed to think about how to
> handle the input for region 2 versus others (which are not ARRL
> sections) and code it. I don't know how hard it will be.
> >There is always something to keep me busy :-)  Sheeesh. I don't know how
> >I will be handling this one.
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