[TRLog] ARRL Field Day and DX

Udo DL2ZAV dl2zav@gmx.de
Wed, 5 Jun 2002 21:34:18 +0200


[Bruce Ferry, 5 Jun 2002:]
> Region 2 DX isn't any different from other DX. The exchange is the
> same no matter what region you are in. The only difference is that all
> region 2 stations can ENTER the contest.

to kk1l: see below

> I'm not willing to try a new release of TR on field day. We've been
> burned (with CT) once before and it's not worth the risk. To this end,
> I have a "solution" that seems to work:
>  1. Add 'Dx = DX' to the .DOM file (I made a new one ARRLFD.DOM)
>  2. Add each country as a domestic country (ADD DOMESTIC COUNTRY = xx)
> I know number 2 is pretty extensive and I did check what impact is has
> on available memory. It takes up about 7K of additional memory which
> should not be a problem to most setups. I wrote a simple program to
> build an INPUT CONFIG file so the actual field day CFG file is
> relatively short. 

As deleting is less extensive than adding (over 300 domestic 
countries?), why not use a modified CTY.DAT in your working 
directory (takes precedence over the one in C:\LOG) that puts the 
rest of the world into one big country named DX (FD does not care 
about DX countries).

i. e.

- remove all non-domestic countries from that special cty.dat, just 
leave K, VE, KL7, KH6, KP2, KP4 (and those I forgot)

- add a country like this:

DX:                       06:  10:  NA:   19.40:    99.10:     6.0:  DX:

(take care about that semicolon at the end or TR will hang up!)
(and yes, you do lose beam heading and sunset info, but do you 
need it in this case?)

- save cty.dat into fieldday working directory

- add a line   ADD DOMESTIC COUNTRY = DX  to your FD.CFG

- enter class plus dx as received into exchange window.


to kk1l:
Bruce is right. DX is DX, anywhere. Probably 
ClassDomesticOrDXQTHExchange is unique to the field day. So I 
think you just have to modify this procedure that for DX it accepts 
Class plus anything (including nothing) and puts class plus "DX" 
(not country designator) in the log.

73, Udo

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