[TRLog] Error 75

ve6zt@sturgeon.ab.ca ve6zt@sturgeon.ab.ca
Wed, 05 Jun 2002 19:32:15 -0600


Hopefully someone has seen this before and can give me a hint.
I am a new user and tried TR for the first time during the WPX 
contest.  I am using DXTelnet to feed spots into TR.
During the WPX contest I kept getting an:
error 75 at pgm-ctr:1074
Packet spots would stop comming in but everything else continued to 
work fine.  If I quit and started the program from a new dos prompt it 
would again work fine for a while and then eventually the same error 
would show up again.  Sometimes it would work for a few minutes and 
others for an hour or more.

Any ideas??
thanks es 73

Don Carlgren