[TRLog] PCMCIA card driver for TRLog Network

Bernie van der Walt bernie@internext.co.za
Fri, 7 Jun 2002 10:52:27 +0200


I am looking for a PCMCIA Serial card DOS "Enabler" 
program which will function with an Eiger Labs 
PCMCIA Serial Card EPX-SC1000/SC2000.
The driver included with the card is only for

I have an evaluation copy of Cardware 6.0 which
works but the SW costs more than the card and
has many other functions not required at all.

Other "enablers" I could find was freeware
but only for fax or modem cards and did
not work on the serial PCMCIA card. They
are small ~30K files and I am sure somewhere
one for a Serial card should exist as well.

The purpose of the PCMCIA card is to add
another COM port to a Laptop to be able to
control a radio as well as connect to a TRlog

Thank you

Bernie, ZS4TX