[TRLog] Straightening out my log after a network problem.

Bob Nygren rnygren@epix.net
Mon, 10 Jun 2002 21:22:08 -0400

    I ran TR this past weekend for the VHF contest. With a computer at
each station, it was a four computer network.
    Computer "A" went down twice before dying completely. It was
replaced after 500 or so contacts. Computer "B" went down briefly when
the breaker on the generator failed. No problems were experienced  with
the other two machines.
    The LOG.DAT files for computers B C and D are all slightly different
in size.
    Would anyone have any thoughts on the best way to straighten out the
log? Should I merge the three files? Should I just use the largert file
because that will have the most data?
    Any input would be appreciated!


Bob N3RN