[TRLog] Putting in a long T in this statement de G8OO

Juhan Põldvere juhan@chem.ut.ee
Sun, 23 Jun 2002 19:00:33 +0300

At 02:47 23.06.02 -0400, G8OO wrote:

>I am pushed for time would someone modify the statements below to show how to 
>set TR up for an extended or long T. 
>LEADING ZERO CHARACTER = T      -----      extend to long T.

This I can't, and I am even not sure this can be done. You
get either T, O or 0 (Ctrl-J menu or LOGCFG.DAT )

>CQ MEMORY ALTF6 = EU^05       -----      or removed the 0 and putting in a 
>long T  here

See manual 5.2 PROGRAMMING CW MESSAGES, Table 5.

A "-" sends a dash 50% longer than normal. You could combine this
with Ctrl-F and Ctrl-S for speed-up and down, like
>CQ MEMORY ALTF6 = EU^CtrlFCtrlF-CtrlSCtrlS^5

That's EU^  twice speedup - twice speeddown ^ 5, no spaces.
Juhan ES5QX