[TRLog] Serial Number

Tom Schaefer toms@xmission.com
Thu, 30 May 2002 13:25:04 -0600

I wonder if anyone can explain a situation to me. In the WPX contest, I =
worked mostly S&P. I would enter the call and hit enter which would send =
my call. I would then enter his exchange and hit enter which sends my =
exchange including NR and logs the contact. If the station needed a =
repeat on my NR, the F3 key was programmed with "NR #". This causes the =
next number to be sent, not the one for the last contact.=20

I ended up programming a key with NR #-1 to send the last number.

Did I miss something because I do not remember having to do this in the =
past. It seems that until the next call is entered, # should send the =
previous QSO's number, not the next one.


Tom NY4I

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