[TRLog] PC Speaker Volume

Tom Schaefer toms@xmission.com
Thu, 30 May 2002 17:31:14 -0600

That is not the PC Speaker, but the Windows Sound System through your
soundcards. TRLog does not use the PC speakers, it uses the little
MOtherboard based speaker. Some computers do have the PC speaker routed
through the sound card so it may appear that thr TR sounds are coming from
you speaker.

I think the problem is that with Windows and Soundcards some users forget
there is another speaker inthat little box. So rewgardless of Valume or
Volume, Tom is correct in that there has never been a volume control for a
PC speaker.

Tom NY4I
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> There's NO valume control for the PC speaker!!!  Never has been.

Really do not know what a "valume control" is  -----  BUT

If you are running a Windows based system there is a control for the PC
speaker volume. I usually adjust it there and it works fine. Also some
laptops have external controls for the PC speaker as does the Compaq Armadas
that I have and others.

What OS are you using?


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