[Trlog] Re: WPX Report not recognizing some countries.

Jim Smith jimsmith at shaw.ca
Sat Apr 5 17:34:56 EST 2003

I think I get it, Mike.

The essence is that if I worked TO3M and TO3T it's still just one 
prefix, TO3, and, therefore, should show up only once on the report, 
even if one of them is Martinique and the other is.... say, where is 
TO3T anyway?

P.S.  TO3M is in my cty.dat because I put it in there.  While I thought 
TO3T was in there, it isn't.  TO4T shows as Guadeloupe.

I guess the bottom line is that the WPX report can't always list the 
countries correctly.  Not that big a deal as it flags the problems.

73 de Jim Smith    VE7FO

Mike Heideman wrote:

> I also noticed that some countries show up wrong in the report.  For 
> example, 4U1WB (US) ends up as Syria, EM1U (Antarctica) is listed 
> under Ukraine, KG6 is listed under US even if it is a Guam station.
> Each of these, plus the examples listed by Jim, are all prefixes that 
> may be in more than one country.  Since the software is trying to list 
> each prefix only once then it has to assign a single country to each 
> prefix.  It ignores the callsign-specific information in CTY.DAT and 
> tries to find a generic prefix for each callsign.  If there is no 
> generic prefix listed in CTY.DAT, for example for TO, TO3, TO4, VP, or 
> VP2 then it reports the country as unknown.
> There's another way that this could be done which would produce a 
> slightly more accurate report.  Using the full CTY.DAT information 
> each prefix could be listed under a country that was actually worked 
> in the contest, or in all countries if repeated prefixes can be 
> tolerated (maybe followed by an asterisk).
> -Mike, N7MH
> P.S. TO3M is not in CTY.DAT but should be listed as Martinique.

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