[Trlog] FT990 Interface Issues

James A. Walter WT9U at compuserve.com
Tue Apr 8 01:06:33 EDT 2003

Hi All,

W0UY loaned me an FT990 for a while.  It has firmware version 1.30 which TR
requires.  I see some Yaesu rigs support the shift keys running the RIT in
CQ mode while some don't.  According to the FT990 manual RIT on/off as well
as up/down should be supported.  It doesn't work in my case.  Going to the
S&P mode the shift keys do tune the radio.  If I've been in the S&P mode
and jump back to the CQ mode now the shift keys run the main tuning up and
down (where as previously it didn't, no main tuning or RIT).  The ">"
imbeded in the qsl message does reset the rit (having adjusted it from the
knob on the rig).  What do I need to do or doesn't the 990 support RIT

One other pecularity I've noticed is when changing bands via computer
(keypad or alt-v/b) the radio qsy's but shuts the RIT off in the process. 
If I use the band change buttons on the radio (assuming I'd set the RIT to
on on each band previously) the RIT stays on.  Is this normal?  What can be
done to keep the RIT on?

By the way, I'm running the TRSMALL version.

73...Jim, WT9U

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