[Trlog] FT990 Interface Issues

Tree tree at kkn.net
Tue Apr 8 00:38:30 EDT 2003

On Tue, Apr 08, 2003 at 12:06:33AM -0400, James A. Walter wrote:

> W0UY loaned me an FT990 for a while.  It has firmware version 1.30 which TR
> requires.  I see some Yaesu rigs support the shift keys running the RIT in
> CQ mode while some don't.  According to the FT990 manual RIT on/off as well
> as up/down should be supported.  It doesn't work in my case.  Going to the
> S&P mode the shift keys do tune the radio.  If I've been in the S&P mode
> and jump back to the CQ mode now the shift keys run the main tuning up and
> down (where as previously it didn't, no main tuning or RIT).  The ">"
> imbeded in the qsl message does reset the rit (having adjusted it from the
> knob on the rig).  What do I need to do or doesn't the 990 support RIT
> control?
> One other pecularity I've noticed is when changing bands via computer
> (keypad or alt-v/b) the radio qsy's but shuts the RIT off in the process. 
> If I use the band change buttons on the radio (assuming I'd set the RIT to
> on on each band previously) the RIT stays on.  Is this normal?  What can be
> done to keep the RIT on?

The manual lies.

Well, sort of.  It won't do RIT increments - it will do absolute values.

The Kenwood has a command that says "bump the RIT up (or down) by one 
count".  The Yaesu requires you to read the RIT, increment/decrement 
the value, and then send a new value out.  This takes WAY too long to
be useful.


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