[Trlog] CQ 160 logging

R. Kline rikik at inter.net.il
Thu Apr 24 21:47:59 EDT 2003

Sorry, but I'm not talking about country entries for the multipliers. I mean
the indication of the country that is sent from the station worked.
Whatever the other station sends  should be in the log - exactly as it was
sent.  For example, if OK1ADM sends me 599CZ, then that is the received
exchange and that should be in the log. When I type 599 CZ,  TRlog insists
on logging the received report as 599OK.  Similar things happen with
European Russia and Slovenia commonly using abbreviations other than the
standard ones.  The rules of the contest do not dictate a specific
"standard" country abbreviation.  Anything reasonable is acceptable.  If I
wanted to, from Israel, I could send 599IL (IL is the international
designator for Israel, and yes, it also means Illinois, so I would avoid
that).  Therefore, I chose 5994X.  The guys in Slovenia usually send 599SI,
but TRlog insists on logging it as 599S5.

Of course, it would be wonderful if I didn't have to copy the exact
exchange - some can be quite weird, and if I could just accept whatever
TRlog decides upon, it would save a lot of time asking for repeats (weak
signals in a noisy band).  The result would certainly be a vastly improved
score.  Maybe this the key to getting a higher score - by ignoring the true
exchange and just logging whatever the computer decides?

Riki, 4X4NJ
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> The call sign was logged correctly. Country entries are remapped from the
> sign. This is perfectly normal and expected behavior. Why would you need
> correct it? If I were on from, say, Germany, and I sent KK1L Germany, then
> would either quiz me until I sent the right call (KK1L/DL1) or the right
> country. DL1=Germany=DF0=...
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> >>>"R. Kline" said:
> > During the CQ 160M Contest I had a bothersome situation. The software
>     d on logging the standard prefix after the received RST.  It didn't
>     what I typed.  It always logged the standard prefix. Obviously, this
>      always the correct prefix.  Instead of editing the log in real time,
I jus
>     t added a note after each such QSO and then made the correction after
the c
>     ontest.  Even so, this was a waste of time during the contest. I was
>     version 6.62, so maybe this problem doesn't exist with a later
version.  Pe
>     rhaps I am missing something in my configuration files - something
that for
>     ces the logging of what is actually typed. Helpful comments would be
>     iated.
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> > 73,
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