[Trlog] CQ 160 logging

R. Kline rikik at inter.net.il
Thu Apr 24 19:28:28 EDT 2003

During the CQ 160M Contest I had a bothersome situation. The software insisted on logging the standard prefix after the received RST.  It didn't matter what I typed.  It always logged the standard prefix. Obviously, this wasn't always the correct prefix.  Instead of editing the log in real time, I just added a note after each such QSO and then made the correction after the contest.  Even so, this was a waste of time during the contest. I was using version 6.62, so maybe this problem doesn't exist with a later version.  Perhaps I am missing something in my configuration files - something that forces the logging of what is actually typed. Helpful comments would be appreciated.

Riki, 4X4NJ  (usually 4X3A in contests)

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