[Trlog] CQ 160 logging

Juhan Põldvere juhan at chem.ut.ee
Fri Apr 25 16:13:58 EDT 2003

I have complained about this once. Then UA9CDC offered a solution:
QSL MODE = QSL AND LOG - gives no syntax checking. Would log with no
                         exchange at all, too.

Obviously, this issue has risen with domestic contests, thus there is
LITERAL DOMESTIC QTH = TRUE , which I always use in ARRL International.

IMO, exchange in a contest is kinda sacred - you should copy what was sent
to you. CQ WW is, maybe, a special case - the worlds's largest callsign
exchange. "ENNAE" is an exchange I have specially programmed to respond
to things like "ENNN". Makes for a moment of silence from the DX side :-).

Now, it is obviously true, that you can get away with putting some standard
exchange in your log for CQ 160. I am never quite sure this holds for other
contests, and it is rather impractical to ask the organizers every time.

"I will put 001 to the received exchange column, OK?"
"No, you must put the number you received from the other station!"
"But, my SOFTWARE always writes 001..."
"Aha... Hmm... Then, I guess it's OK..."

Juhan ES5QX

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