[Trlog] IOTA Contest Log Conversion

Richard Ferch ve3iay at rac.ca
Sun Aug 3 09:26:46 EDT 2003


First problem: as contest sponsors jump on the Cabrillo bandwagon, they keep
on producing new Cabrillo formats faster than the software developers can
keep up with. The IOTA Cabrillo format is a relatively new one, and it's not
as widely-supported as some of the others. TRLog is, AFAIK, one of the
programs that does not yet support Cabrillo for IOTA.

Unless I did something wrong in my testing this morning (always a
possibility!), I believe the Cabrillo file produced by POST 6.73_beta is not
a valid IOTA Cabrillo file. To see if your Cabrillo file is like the one I
got, you can look at the QSO: lines and compare them with the template at
http://www.kkn.net/~trey/cabrillo/iota.txt . I found that there's no sent
exchange, and the sent RST is added to the received exchange. The CONTEST:
RSGB-IOTA line is also missing. So before you can proceed, you would have to
fix up the file, for example with an editor like WordPad. I'm going to
assume you have already done that.

The current version (1.17 - April 2003) of my CBR2ADIF program supports
IOTA. I tried it on the example IOTA log from the Cabrillo web site, and the
ADIF file it produced looked fine (at least, XMLog imported it without a

I also tried it on the file produced by WT4I's Cabrillo Converter on the
TRLog LOG.CBR file (or LOG.DAT file - it will work on either). I had to use
the "GENERIC CONTEST" Cabrillo format in WT4I's program, because it does not
yet support IOTA either. However, once I corrected the CONTEST: line in the
Cabrillo file and told CBR2ADIF that the received callsign started in column
63 instead of the expected 61, CBR2ADIF produced a valid ADIF file from the
WT4I-generated Cabrillo file.

The CBR2ADIF program is at http://www.storm.ca/~ve3iay/cbr2adif.html . One
more problem: right now the ADIF file it produces does not include the IOTA
field, i.e. you can get the contest contacts into your logging program, but
the IOTA designation is not imported and would have to be added by hand. As
soon as I get a bit of free time (certainly before the end of August), I'll
add that to the next version.


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