[Trlog] Bandmap errors when toggling dupes/all bands

Mike Heideman mike_heideman at hotmail.com
Tue Dec 9 00:30:13 EST 2003

After reporting the Bandmap problem in SS where dupes weren't correctly 
updated on other bands I observed a similar problem during CQWW CW.

After spending 47 hours of the contest with 3 computers set up with BAND MAP 
parameters on our 15-meter run computer so that I could see when some new 
calls showed up on 20.  I did this using Ctrl-END, d, b.

A half-hour later after seeing a few stations and a new mult spotted on 20, 
we moved to 20 and toggled dupes and all bands again.  The new mult, near 
the top of the band, disappeared from the bandmap.  In fact, all stations 
were gone from above about 14050.  I checked our spotting computer and saw 
that it still showed a bunch of dupes above 14050 and the mult was still in 
its bandmap.  We worked the mult and then started calling the unworked 
stations in the bandmap, but when we hit Enter they all showed up as dupes 
even though no asterisk was displayed and NEXTBANDMAP QSYed to these 

We then went back to 15 meters and noticed that all spots above 21070 had 
disappeared, including one station that I'd called earlier but failed to 
break the pileup.  The bandmap on the spotting computer still had a bunch of 
spots above 21070 including the unworked station.

In conclusion there are 2 apparent problems with the bandmap when toggling 
between showing dupes and/or all bands.  Spots at the high ends of each band 
are lost.  New spots that arrive via packet or from the local network show 
up as unworked in the bandmap even when they are dupes.  This may have been 
what I observed in SS rather than my earlier theory that I'd worked them on 
a different band after they were spotted.

-Mike, N7MH

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