[Trlog] Minor TR-Log 6.79 Bugs

kd4d at comcast.net kd4d at comcast.net
Mon Dec 15 19:47:10 EST 2003

Hi All:

Used TR 6.79 for the ARRL 10 Meter contest (CW only).  Not a
single crash or hang all weekend.  I did stop and re-start TR
to get a rate report Saturday night.

I noted a couple of minor bugs and a problem.

1.  Do an ALT-D dupe check on the second radio.  Aha, the
station is a multiplier.  Now, I want a beam heading.  Enter
the prefix and do a dupe check (hit space) on the run radio.
Great.  The beam heading comes up.  Now, press "space" to call
the station on the second radio.  The RUN radio goes into S&P
mode and sends my call?!  How else can I get a beam heading? :-)
I ended up having to do ALT-D again to straighten this out.  Happened
at least twice.

2.  SCP is still broken.  It only works for callsigns in trmaster.dta,
not for callsigns in the log.  When S&P on the second radio, I like
to type in a few characters of the callsign.  If it's a dupe, the
call shows up in RED and I can quit typing and go on.  I entered
PR2F on the second radio.  Great, no red.  Hit return (from
ALT-D) and it turns out he is a dupe.  The call didn't show up in
"possible calls" either until I hit return.  In S&P mode, I have
to look at the "possible calls" windows for dupes and the SCP window
for SOME dupes and calls from the database, but at least the
"possible calls" window does show dupes without requiring a
carriage return on a full callsign.

Can we get callsigns from the log in addition to trmaster.dta in the 
SCP window?  In a multiband contest, my log is a MUCH better source of callsigns than trmaster.dta anyway.  When S&P'ing late in a contest,
almost every callsign I want to check (using ALT-D) is a dupe anyway.

3.  The "on deck" call still dissappears occasionally.  I don't know
what triggers this.  It may be hitting "escape" too many times after using
"space" to call a guy on the second radio and not completing the QSO.

4.  TR won't accept "R2" as a multiplier.  I entered "2" and then
edited it in the "Editable Log" window.  POST also griped about the
"R2", but I wouldn't let POST delete the multiplier and it made it
into the Cabrillo file.

Thanks for a GREAT program, Tree.


Mark, KD4D

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