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Mon Dec 15 19:58:02 EST 2003

Hi Ken:

I did not have this problem, though I did not have BIG REMAINING LIST
set to true.  The only thing I noted is that a few mults on the
default list (KH6 comes to mind) are really domestic mults.  KH6 
never got "highlighted out."  I decided that I should have removed
it from the multiplier list anyway and promptly decided I didn't care
about those few special cases (KH6, VE, K and presumably KL7 (I should
have been so lucky)).


Mark, KD4D
>     In the ARRL 10 Meter Contest this weekend, I noticed that the 
> DX remaining mult list was screwed up.  The domestic remaining mult list 
> was OK - the mults I'd worked were highlighted out, and the ones I didn't
> work were still white.  But, when I did an Alt-G to look at the DX remaining 
> mults, many I had not worked were displayed as worked. In fact, with 
> BIG REMAINING LIST = TRUE, the entire two last lines of the list were 
> marked as worked.  The DX mults were also being incorrectly displayed
>     Otherwise, the program worked fine all weekend long.
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