[Trlog] SO2R

Howard Hoyt n4af at contesting.com
Wed Dec 17 22:27:15 EST 2003

Seems to me if TWO RADIO MODE = TRUE, it would make more sense to display
the bandmap for the inactive (S&P) radio ???

Personally, I don't much care about the bandmap on the run radio. But I 
do care
about having to do an ALT-D to see if a call is a DUPE vs automagic 
display that is
done for the active radio.

I guess I can circum-navigate by doing a CTL-A CQ and making the active 
radio the RUN
radio, but am wondering if it would not be more logical to have the 
bandmap assigned to
the inactive radio for SO2R ?

Perhaps there could be an option to allow this <if> in two radio mode ?

73, Howie

Howard Hoyt N4AF
Bluebird Trail
Blounts Creek, NC

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